About Dr. Michael Uriarte

Dr. Michael Uriarte

Dr. Michael Uriarte

An internationally known speaker, Dr. Michael Uriarte (pronounced your yard e) is the driving force behind the MyoKinesthetic System. A Chiropractor by training — he received his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic — Dr. Uriarte has invested his time and talent into developing a practical, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use system to help people overcome pain, increase range of motion, and enjoy better posture.

For more than 15 years, Dr. Uriarte has been deeply involved in research and development of the MyoKinesthetic System while managing his office in Overland Park, Kansas. He developed this technique in the early 90s, and has refined the system over the course of several years in his clinic before sharing the system with other healthcare professionals.

Dr. Mike’s Story

I have had back pain and mobility problems since I was 10 years old. This put my life on a path to find a remedy. After 20 years of searching I was ready to put the final pieces together.

I had graduated from Chiropractic college and started my practice. By helping my therapists solve an issue with their clients, this technique was born. This began a full year of intense research. I used every anatomy and physiology book I could find to put this information together.

Then began 3 years of development, refining and working on patients. During this time I began to only use this technique because I got faster results that lasted longer.

I get a lot of compliments for having a way of taking complicated, boring information and making it entertaining and easy to understand. Even though I am the expert, I am not a know-it-all. I get compliments because I encourage questions in class and I never put anyone or any profession down.

I do care that each student who attends my classes walks away with a great understanding of this revolutionary technique. You learn more when you are relaxed and having a good time, and while we learn a lot we also laugh a lot.

By taking this class you will:

  • become a better Doctor/therapist
  • begin Monday morning ready to implement this into your office
  • gain confidence that you will help each person who comes to see you
  • add a billable technique and increase the clinics income
  • decrease your daily stress levels
  • have more freedom to do what you want to do
  • receive a steady increase in referrals based off your increased results
  • increase your status in your community as the expert in helping others

Pain Relief Should Be Shared

From massage therapists to athletic trainers to physical therapists to chiropractors, Dr. Uriarte has taught his ground-breaking technique to any healthcare provider who makes the comfort and well-being of their patients their number one priority.

Dr. Uriarte is an expert at taking complicated information and presenting it in an easy-to-learn format. He is a high-energy, easy-going instructor who makes it his policy to have fun. He firmly believes that “If you are not having fun, then you cannot learn.”

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