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Case Studies

Real People
Real Transformations


I just wanted to share my first success story from your workshop this weekend. I treated one of my athletes with chronic shin splints and she just completed her first double track workout without any pain!

Kari B., Senior Athletic Trainer,

El Camino College


Taking the upper body course has made my practice much better, and I have a better understanding of the neurological aspect of muscular work. I’ve had (players) tell me how much better they have responded to this treatment after past therapy sessions that have not succeeded. I can’t wait to take the lower body course!

Steve., ATC, LMT

Chicago Cubs organization


I just left my post-polio patient. I did an L5 treatment. She got up and began to walk and said ‘Oh my God!’ I said ‘what? … what?’ There is no low back pain, but more importantly her stability and balance has improved! This is a long-time private patient. We are both thrilled with the results!

Ricki R., Physical Therapist

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