Introduction: A standard treatment protocol for medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) has not been identi!ed. Clinical practice focuses on local evaluation and treatment neglecting a global approach. The MyoKinestheticTM (MYK) System includes a full-body postural assessment to identify compensatory patterns that may lead to MTSS. The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of the MYK System in treating patients diagnosed with MTSS.

Method: A multi-site exploratory study was used to assess the effects of the MYK System on perceived pain and disability in patients diagnosed with MTSS. Eighteen physically active patients (6 female, 12 male), ages 18e25 years (19.89 ± 1.32) were treated with the MYK System.

Results: Paired T-tests were utilized to assess change. The change in patient reported pain was statisti- cally signi!cant (t(17)  10.48, p < .001, Cohen's d  2.48) and represented an average decrease of 96% in patient reported pain. The change in disablement was statistically signi!cant (t(17)7.39, p<.001, Cohen's d  1.74) and represented an average decrease of 88.2% in patient reported disablement. Discussion: Participants treated with the MYK System experienced signi!cant improvements and appear to surpass traditional interventions without the need of rest.

Conclusion: Implementation of the MYK System to treat MTSS led to signi!cant decreases in patient reported pain and dysfunction. A full-scale clinical investigation of the MYK System is warranted to determine its effects compared to traditional treatment options.