Clinical Case Report: 2017 Human Kinetics - IJATT 22(4), pp. 6-12: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ATHLETIC THERAPY & TRAINING. July 2017.


Two physically active patients presented with low back pain (LBP) and were previously diagnosed with a herniated disc. A unique treatment combination of a muscle energy technique (MET) and MyoKinesthetic (MYK) treatments were used to decrease pain and improve function. The treatment combination displayed clinically significant short-term improvements in four treatments or less and both patients reported no recurrence of pain at their 1-year follow-up. It is questionable if the presence of an anatomical abnormality,
such as a herniated disc, is truly the source or unrelated to those experiencing LBP; utilizing a MET and MYK treatment may be beneficial for other patients reporting similar symptoms.



• LBP is not always directly correlated to structural abnormalities.
• Treatment utilizing MYK may be effective for patients presenting with LBP.

• MYK produced positive patient outcomes in function and pain.