Low back pain (LBP), both acute and chronic, is one of the most common disabling and poorly understood conditions in health
care today. Researchers estimate that LBP in industrialized countries will have a lifetime prevalence of over 70% and will account for substantial health care costs and personal distress. In addition, chronic LBP that resolves with treatment is subject to a 90% recurrence rate. A lack of understanding of the source of LBP results in a vague diagnosis of nonspecific LBP in 85–95% of patients who report to
a primary care physician with complaints of back pain. Nonspecific LBP is an ambiguous term assigned to patients when an anatomic source or pathology cannot be identified, and the use of this diagnostic classification does not lead to effective treatment.



• The MyoKinesthetic System evaluation complements the standard clinical examination.
• The MyoKinesthetic System can produce clinically significant improvements in pain and function in patients with

chronic low back pain.
• The MyoKinesthetic System treatment can balance posture asymmetries.